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What to Bring on a Limo Ride

A limo ride is amazing but you can make the experience even better by having the right limo ride supplies. Simply, you should bring to a limo ride all that you need for a party or for a simple trip. This is especially true when you board a limo party bus or need to hold a small party with a few friends in a limo. Some of the supplies you need include:

Alcohol, Food, and Beverages

Alcohol is common in limos. It allows you to enjoy a party without stopping to find a bar or any other establishment that serves alcohol. By carrying alcohol and other beverages, you save time allowing your party to focus on what they are interested in.

You will need to consider whether your friends would rather have soft drinks, wine, beer or whisky among other drinks. If you do decide to bring alcohol, consider the age of the passengers and provide alternative, non- alcoholic drink.

Light appetizers come in handy when you are in a limo. You can carry French fries, candy, finger food, party trays, and trail mix among others. It is important to ensure that you ask the limo company whether a given food substance is allowed.


If you are only happy if you see your decorations on the wall, you can run your ideas with the limo company and see whether they buy them. You can fill the limo with balloons, signs, streamers or any other decoration that you believe will be necessary. Decorations on and in a limo are ideal for wedding parties and homecoming parties among others.

Music and Entertainment devices

Some limos have a jukebox with thousands of songs but when there is a specific kind of music you need to listen to, carry your iPod, CD or MP3 player. By having your own music, you can choose only the music that meets the taste of your audience.

Where a limo does not have a TV and WiFi and you need to catch on your favorite TV series, you might need to bring your own. Irrespective of the item you need to bring, ensure that you consult the limo service and they agree to it.


You will need to capture some candid moments while on the ride. If you have a professional photographer, for instance if you are holding a wedding, you will have the best photos. However, you do not need a professional photographer or professional camera especially when you are holding a private party. Just a good camera will be okay.

Other Items

When you are partying, anything can happen. You therefore need to have an emergency first aid kit. Again, there are states that require you to have a car seat if you bring children on board. You need to confirm with your limo company on the state regulations and other necessities needed during a limo ride.

At True Luxury Limousines, you get a limo with all basic amenities. All you need to bring are food, drinks and a few entertainment devices if you prefer your own.

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