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Top 4 Limo Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Scavenger hunts are a common activity that people engage in for fun. In some cases, these hunts are undertaken in groups, or a group of individuals do hunts individually and meet later to compare their results. When the scavenger hunt is done in a limo, then fun is doubled. However, unlike normal parties, you might need to hire two or more stretch limos or party bus limos.
Below are simple ideas to create an interesting and challenging scavenger hunt.

Photo Shoot Hunt

Here, you go out in a party limo and search for specific items to shoot rather than pick. You can be in two groups with two different limos with cameras. If you have good cameras on your smartphones, you can use them to save money. Before the hunt, you need to come up with a list of specific items the teams should capture. The list should be made up of random things such as a eucalyptus tree, a red Toyota car, a street mongrel and so much more.
Set a time to have all the teams bring the pictures back to one location. The teams can then compare their results.

Journalistic Interviews

For your scavenger hunt, you can come up with questions with specific answers. Set up interviews with the locals. Let the locals know that they will be interviewed for the hunt and give then the correct answers. Pick random people such as a local store owner, a mechanic, librarian and cleaner for the hunt.

Give the teams the list of the interviewees and send them out in different limos – there can be two limos for two separate groups. The team that comes back with the highest number of correct answers after the set time wins.

Treasure Hunt Scavenger Hunt

Here, you design different cards with clues leading to a treasure. You should have two teams with two different treasures. Have about five cards with the first card leading to the second and the second to the third in that order until the fifth card which will lead to the treasure. Ensure that the clues are challenging, but the team members can relate to them. Send the teams out in a limo. The team or person who brings the treasure first wins.

Act Favorite Star

A good challenge involves having a member of a group act their favorite star. This will involve makeup to assume the looks of the star, dressing like the star, behaving like them and acting like them. If you are a group of say 15 people in a limo, you will be taken to different places where you meet a makeup artist, go shopping for star clothes and later meet at one place to showcase your act.

Organizing Scavenger Hunts

When setting up scavenger hunts, ensure that the hunt is not risky and does not go against the state or federal laws. If photography is not allowed in a given location, ensure you do not include it in the hunt. True Luxury Limousines support scavenger hunts while enjoying the fun and the adrenaline that comes with them.

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