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Snacks for Wedding Party Bus

Snacks for Wedding Party Bus

Party buses are popular with many people and for a good reason. They are great for wedding parties thanks to the amenities they have, the safety, the glamour, and the luxury features. A party bus will give you a comfortable space, dance floor, and music but you will need to carry your supplies including snacks. While you will probably not eat much on the way to your wedding, some snacks might still come in handy.

Which are the best snacks to carry on a wedding party bus?

The Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is available, so it is easier to carry to the party bus. Whether the wedding cake was a black forest or a normal iced cake, just carry pieces of it to share with the guests.

Chocolate Energy Bars

Chocolate bars taste great, and that is why they are preferred to nut and fruit bars. Besides, they have the benefits of cocoa, are easy to prepare if you wish to make them yourself, and are cheaper to buy too.

Nuts, Both Spicy and Sweet

Nuts are great for kids and can be made with ease using raw nuts. When well coated, the spicy nuts are sweet and addictive. They are always good for parties.

Granola Bars

If you will be on the party bus for a while, you can pack some easy granola bars. They are tasty and loved by most people.


A flavorful taco well packed will always entice your guests and make the party interesting. They are great while in transit during a wedding party.

Chip Chicken Lollipops

Well done chicken is loved by all. Chip chicken lollipops are backed chicken served with chips. You eat them with sticks making them fun in a party. If you have kids on board, they are great recipes.

Tortilla Roll-Ups

Tortilla roll-ups are sweet and a great recipe for both children and adults. The roll-ups are cheesy and creamy, and you can make them at home with great ease. You need to prepare them in advance in readiness for the party.

Cheese Straws

These straws are made of flour, salt, butter and cheddar cheese. By adding flour, you are able to roll them out to make strips. The strips are then backed to make them crispy. You will need to use sharp or mild cheddar to make them sweet.

Pinwheel Italian Calzones

These are small calzones that are tasty and sweet. These calzones are easy to make at home, and they come together in snaps. You can sneak in veggies with the recipe. They have the smell of pizza, and they are so small making them easy to pick up and eat.

Baked Walnuts

Baked walnuts are a good solution when you need quick snacks for a party. You can coat walnuts using eggs, sugar or butter. When made well, they are great for a long road trip.

Other Snacks

There are lots of snacks you can carry on a party bus. Just make sure not to take very messy one that will ruin your dress. Remember to should consult your limo company to find out if there are any restrictions on the snacks you can bring along.

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