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How Big are the Biggest Party Buses?

Have you ever wondered why many people love party buses? These buses are loved because they come with added space allowing you to enjoy comfort and party as a large group. Even when you are partying as a group of more than 50 passengers, you still have room to dance, walk around and even hold small socializing groups. They are that good.

Modern party buses have been engineered to carry a lot of people with more safety and luxury features. With a party bus that carries more than 50 passengers, you can travel as a team. If necessary, you can also reduce costs by splitting the bill between everyone on board.

Double Decker Party Bus

This is the biggest party bus in the country today. It has the upper and the lower compartments, but you can just hold a single party in it. With two dance floors, two hostess stations, and two bars, this monster size party bus allows you to hold almost any party in it. The bus is fitted with modern state-of-the-art club lighting and has more than 100,000 songs on its jukebox (though some can have more or less based on the customizations).

The bus can hold up to 15 flat screen TVs and can accommodate up to 70 passengers. Most these double-decker party buses can even have private VIP sections. To enhance comfort and fun, these party buses have been customized to meet the needs of different groups.

50-Passenger Party Bus

This is a smaller version of the double-decker party bus carrying about 50 passengers. The party bus can accommodate six flat screen TVs, one dance floor and also comes with party lighting. Like the double-decker bus, some 50-Passenger party buses have private VIP sections and two bars. The buses also have a hostess station to keep the guests entertained.

While 50 is a large number, these buses have been customized with all the latest safety and comfort features.

Limo Party Buses

Limo party buses are small, but they accommodate more passengers than a normal limo. If you need to have fun with about 23 of your friends, this is the best. It is smaller than other party buses accommodating small group parties and larger than a normal limo offering you a dance floor, a bar and a hostess station to entertain the guests. Given the restrained size of these limo party buses, there is no VIP section.

There are three or more flat screen TVs, night lighting, and comfortable leather seats. The limo party bus gives you the experience of a nightclub while in transit.

Which Party Bus is the Right for You?

At True Luxury Limousines, there are all sorts of buses for you to choose from. Choose a bus based on the number of party goers and the amenities and features you need. You can pick a party bus based on its customizations including number and type of songs on the jukebox, the number of screens, dancing space, bar positions and amenities and other needed facilities. Keep in mind that the prices for the different buses differ. Consider your needs and the features of the party buses available to determine which one you need.

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